Buffalo Soldiers

An overview of the regiments after the American Civil War known as the Buffalo Soldiers.

This paper argues that the Buffalo Soldiers played a crucial, though often overlooked role in the history of westward expansion. It looks at how by protecting settlers, the Buffalo Soldiers paved the way for the settlement of the west and the creation cbest essay scoring of the United States. It also examines how by showing courage on the battlefield, the Buffalo Soldiers also challenged prevailing misconceptions about black people and how in doing so, they contributed to the establishment of multicultural societies in the West and by extension, in the rest of the United States.

The Buffalo Soldiers initially came into being because during the late 19th century, the United States Military supported segregation. Black freemen thus could not serve along with the white soldiers. Thus, the Buffalo Soldiers were tasked with building forts which were often reserved only for white soldiers. In Forth Concho, the Buffalo Soldiers were housed in separate rooms. However, historians like Stanford L. Davis (1999) argue that the realities of military life would have forced these soldiers to come into contact with one another, during activities like meals, maneuvers or training. In this way, Davis argues that the essay writing topics for interview presence of the Buffalo Soldiers in military establishments would have laid a foundation for challenging many white soldiers' prejudices against black people.

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