Urban Planning Essay

An examination of how essay writing in urdu urban planning influences poverty, using Nashville as an example.

This paper provides statistics which define the problem of poverty in Nashville. The paper shows how the government of Nashville has been trying to put a quantitative gauge on economic deprivation and by so determining who is eligible for social assistance. This paper provides background information on poverty in Nashville and looks at factors such as food, daycare and medical care which are controlled to attempt to assist those in need. The paper also discusses the factors which effected poverty in the 1990's and the effects of welfare reform on poverty. It then compares the state of poverty in Memphis to that of Nashville.

Who is poor in America? The federal administration answered that question, beginning in the late 1960s, with a yearly poverty count. Now imprinted each September, politicians and pundits alike await the government's numbers. The figure of the September statistics and the interpretive stories accompanying their release often influences the election discussion in November. The Government of Nashville has been trying to put a quantitative gauge on economic deprivation, ever since Lyndon Johnson's War on Poverty," even though most people recognize that poverty measurement is subjective and not entirely scientific. The administration poverty line is used to conclude eligibility in Medicaid, food stamps, cash welfare and numerous other means-tested support programs (8). The poverty counts are used to measure the efficiency of government anti-poverty programs and the economic well being of at-risk groups of families and individuals. In proposals to set minimum wages or living wage mandates, poverty income thresholds are being used increasingly."



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