Same Sex Marriage

A proposal for legalization of same sex marriage.

This paper examines how, with the passage of time, more and more people have come to believe that same sex marriages should be permitted legally in contrast to many who still believe that it shouldn't. It looks at how those who are against same sex marriages refuse to relinquish their hold on traditional beliefs and values and how, today, these people serve as barriers to same sex marriage proponents. It also explores how the audience that the proponents of same sex marriage wish to address includes the legislators and also those who are opposed to the legalization of same sex marriage. The purpose of legalizing same essay how to be a good student sex marriage is argued from a historical, legal as well as humanistic standpoint.

The issue of same sex marriage is problematic because of the fact that it proposes significant change to traditional values and beliefs of society. It is worth asserting this because of several people who still hold fast to their traditional values and beliefs, which are mostly religious and to some extent it is cultural. However, with the awareness that people in contemporary times have regarding same sex or gay rights, it is worth asserting how strongly they alpha essay writing service all feel towards the rights of every individual; proponents of same sex marriage believe that the rights to same sex marriage is a major portion of their individual rights.

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