My Keirsey Temperament Sorter: Guardian Provider

This paper discusses the author's results of his Keirsey temperament sorter, which identifies personality configurations and indicates potential vocations.

The paper explains that the write an essay on road accident author's main temperament type is the Guardian and Provider indicating a dependable person who takes responsibilities seriously. The author states that the predispositions of his ESFJ type had a strong influence in his choice for a military career. The author believes that this temperament test is a valid indicator of his predispositions.

Based on this test, I also learned that I have an externally focused value system. Much of the personal satisfaction from a career in the military derives from providing public service through an important social institution. Additionally, this value system is defined by moral codes enshrined within the community. Perhaps this is also why I am attracted to the military, where a well-defined rules and codes of behavior have been developed within a democratic setting.

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